How To Download and Install Activeon App for PC (Windows 7,8,10,Mac)

The Activeon App for PC is an application developed to control the Activeon cameras of your home and properties. Activeon is one of the popular manufacturers of different types of cameras for entertainment and monitoring. A lot of individuals currently use the camera of the manufacturer. The Activeon app allows you to easily control the camera as well as check the live view from it.

The Activeon App is currently only available for Android and iPhone devices. Unfortunately, there is no official version of the program for computer devices. So, if you want to use the application on your computer, then you will need to use a simple procedure. Keep reading the article to know the process below.

Activeon App for PC

What is Activeon and How the App Can Help You?

The Activeon App offers you a large number of functionalities. Using the application, you can manage the camera more efficiently and comfortably. The program also allows you to remotely control the camera as well as monitor the record in real-time. You can check your activity using the camera as a controller from your smartphone or computer. The app lets you control and sees live screenplay while connected to ActiveOn CX and CX gold.

You can also control the video recording and photo shooting using the app. Moreover, it allows you to download the content from the camera easily on your phone or computer in real-time. While controlling the camera in real-time, you can also change the camera mode and settings. The Activeon App is a must-have application for all the peoples who use Activeon cameras.

Can You Use the Activeon App for PC?

You cannot use the Activeon App on your computer directly as there is no official release of the program currently available for PC. However, you can employ an android emulator on your computer for this purpose. The android emulator enables a virtual android device on your computer that allows you to run any android program on your computer.

Though there are a lot of emulator programs available for download currently, we will recommend you to use the Bluestack emulator program. It is the best emulator available currently for running the android programs on your computer device. It is extremely easy to use and also obtainable free of cost.

The Activeon App can be easily downloaded on your computer using the below steps:

  • At first, download the Bluestack android emulator program from the appropriate site.
  • Install the program and start it on your PC. You will find an android lookalike interface when the application opens.
  • Then open the Play store from the app. There you will be asked to enter your Gmail account for accessing the play store services. 
  • After starting the google play app, search for the Activeon using the search bar.
  • The program will be installed on the Bluestack after a while.

Activeon App FAQ

Here are some of the most asked questions about the Activeon App, which may also arrive in your mind:

How do I connect my Activeon camera to the app?

Turn on the Wi-FI of your mobile and then select the network of the app from the Wi-Fi settings. Use the default password 1234567890 and run the application from your device. Now you can connect the camera from the app.

How do I use the Activeon camera?

You can control the camera using the app of the camera. You can use the app to control the camera and capture the photos.

How do I connect my action camera to my phone?

If you are using the ActiveOn camera, then you can use the application for the app.

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