CamScanner for Mac – Free Download and Install For Mac

Do you often require scan documents for various needs? Then the Camscanner for Mac is a must-have application for you. The unique application allows you to turn a picture into a document easily. Most of us don’t have a scanner at home. As a result, sometimes, it becomes a hassle to go out to a shop for scanning a file. The Camscanner app is here to free you from such troubles.

The Camscanner app is currently available for android and iPhone devices. There is no authorized release of the app for Mac and other computer operating systems. However, you can easily use the program on your Mac using a straightforward method. Keep going through the article to know about the way in brief.

CamScanner for Mac

Turn your Smartphone into a Scanner with CamScanner

We all need scanning documents for a variety of purposes. Especially for these who are students or works in different organizations require scanning different papers and documents for various purposes. It can be trouble if you don’t have access to a scanner nearby. In such situations, the Camscanner application can be a lifesaver for you. It arrives with some fantastic functionalities to allows you to turn a paper into a digital document easily.

There are more than 380 million users of the program all over the world. It gets around 500,000 registration every day and used in more than 200 countries. It takes around a few seconds to turn a paper into receipts, note, business card, certificate, invoice, etc. into electronic documents. Another impressive thing about the app is it has an OCR feature that allows the app to recognize the text for extraction for searching, saving, and other purposes.

Overall, the Camscanner is one of the best applications ever made to convert a paper into an electronic document.

Download and Procedure for CamScanner for Mac

As we previously claimed, the CamScanner is only available for android and iOS smartphones. There is no official release of the CamScanner app for the computer officially. However, you can install this program on your computer using an android emulator program. The emulator will make a virtual android environment on your Mac to run the android program. Though there is multiple emulator program available, we will suggest you use the Bluestack.

The Bluestack emulator program is one of the best most used Mac emulators available now. The program has become highly famous because of its decent interface and performance. It arrives with an easy to use interface and ensure reliable user experience. As per most of the users, the Bluestack emulator can run any android programs available on Google Play store.

Here is how you should use the emulator for the Camscanner app:

  1. Go to the official site of the Bluestack android emulator service and then install it.
  2. Start it on your PC and enter the google play account from the emulator.
  3. Then start the play store and use the search bar to search for the Camscanner app.
  4. Install the Camscanner from the result.
  5. The app will be installed on your Mac PC within a while.

How to Use the CamScanner for Mac

Using the Camscanner is extremely easy. Open the program from your device and then click on the plus button to scan a new document. You can either use the camera or the storage to browse the photo for making documents. After selecting the file, you can crop it, choose separate filters to enhance the digital document file. You can save the document or share it through social media or email. Moreover, you can extract text from the document if you need it.

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