Learn How To Install CloudCracker for PC (Windows And Mac)

The CloudCracker for pc is a hacking tool that is used to crack the Wi-Fi password. Most of the time, the software work efficiently to crack the password for you. If you want to check the vulnerability of your Wi-Fi network, then the tool can also work amazingly for you. There are a lot of apps available online to Wi-Fi networks penetration and audit. However, not all of them can offer efficient performance.

The CloudCracker can offer you a compelling performance. The procedure to download the CloudCracker is not that available online currently as such tools are not that accepted in the online world. If you want to download the tool on your device, then keep reading the article.

CloudCracker for PC

What Benefits the CloudCracker Offer?

The CloudCracker is one of the popular tools currently for wireless network audit and penetration test. It uses cloud technology to provide computation power to find the password. Moreover, it can recover the password with different security management, including NTLM, WPA/WPA2, SHA-512, MS-CHAPv2, MD5, and others. The powerful tool can carry out vital attacks as it is capable of processing 300 million words within twenty minutes.

The CloudCracker can help you to crack or recover a password just by using a data file of the network traffic from the wireless network. You can do this by WireShark or any other tools that offer such functions. Then you will need to upload the file on the software and choose the network security protocol/type. Using very little information, the CloudCracker can find the password.

Can You Download the CloudCracker for PC?

The CloudCracker is a web-based service. You will need to enter the network traffic capture file and protocol type on a form on the website. There is no application of the program available for download. That means you cannot download it for your PC. If you need to use the program, then you can simply visit the website of the service and upload the required information. There is no need to hunt for the downloadable file.

Top Features of the CloudCracker

Here are some of the top features of the CloudCracker:

  1. The tool doesn’t require any coding or technology knowledge. All you require to do is follow the instructions and upload the required file.
  2. Cloud-based service with high computational power, find out password quickly.
  3. Support multiple security protocols, including WPA/WPA2, SHA-512, NTLM, MS-CHAPv2, and MD5.
  4. Available at free of cost. However, you will need to pay if the password key is bigger than eight characters. More so, you will also need to pay if they find the password.
  5. Ensure the privacy of the user with the secure transmission.

Disclaimer: The CloudCracker tool is made for penetration testing and network auditing to find out the weakness of a wireless network. Using the tool for unethical purposes to steal a Wi-Fi password is strongly prohibited. Doing such work can cause violations of the regulations.

Hopefully, the above paragraphs about the CloudCracker on PC will remove all of your confusion about the tool.

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