gDMSS for PC – Free Download For Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac

Are you searching for a decent surveillance application for your computer? Then the gDMSS for PC can be an excellent pick for you. Nowadays, surveillance cameras are an integral part of every careful household and business. They help to ensure the security of the space by always keeping an eye. The gDMSS app can help you to control the cameras easily from your PC or smartphone.

The gDMSS is currently available for android devices. There are no official versions of the app that are released yet for the android devices. However, you can use the program on your PC using a simple procedure. Keep reading the article to know how to use the application on your PC.

gDMSS for PC

Why use gDMSS Plus?

Surveillance is one of the most talked issues in the world. It is becoming hard to be sure about the security of a home or office nowadays because of different types of threats. The gDMSS app is designed to let you control the IP cameras of your home easily. It allows you to use or manage multiple programs at once. Another excellent benefit of the program is it enables you to connect and watch the streaming from the camera.

It is also packed with multiple features to ensure your better user experience. You can push an alarm using the app to keep people away from your property. You can also take a screenshot from the app to mark the person or their actions. The user interface of the program is also very easy, and anyone can use it. 

Download gDMSS Lite for PC

There is also lite version of the application available for pc and mobile devices. If you have short storage on your phone, then you can use it for surveillance instead of the full app. Some information about the app is given below:

Name gDMSS for PC
Size 25.7 megabytes
Type Surveillance Application
Version 3.55.001

How To Install gDMSS Plus for PC Windows & Mac?

As we previously said, the gDMSS Plus is only available for your android smartphone. There is no release of the gDMSS Plus app for PC officially. However, you can download this surveillance app on your PC using an emulator or simulator. The emulator will produce a virtual environment on your PC to run the android apps. However, we will ask you to use the Bluestack Emulator.

The bluestack emulator service is one of the best emulator programs available currently. The app has become highly popular because of its ideal configuration and performance. It comes with an easy interface and offers a reliable user experience. As per our research, there are no issues in the Bluestack emulator.

Here is how you will utilize the emulator for the gDMSS Plus app:

  1. Go to the authorized website of the Bluestack emulator service and install it.
  2. Begin it on your computer and login on your google play ID from the app.
  3. Then open the play store and search for the gDMSS Plus torrent app.
  4. Install the gDMSS Plus from the search result.
  5. The app will be installed on your computer within a while

Configuring or Setting Up gDMSS Lite in Windows and Mac

Configuring the gDMSS app is pretty straightforward. Open the app and search for the cameras. The camera should show up within a while. Then connect the camera. After that, you will be able to see the live stream from the camera. You can check out the tutorials available online if you are confused.

The gDMSS Plus can make your job easier and flexible by letting you manage the IP cameras of your property. Hopefully, the above instructions will be assisting you.

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