GoPro Quik for Mac – Free Download (2020 Latest Version)

Gopro photos and videos are the newest craze for the photo and video lovers. You will not believe how cool the image and videos comes out form this software. If you use Mac, then you can use the gopro quik for mac which was previously known as gopro studio mac. You can use the footage and image everything in a place organized with this video editor. You can say it is easy to control gopro from Mac. Just edit and share the photos and videos in the social media only with one click.

GoPro Quik for Mac

Features of gopro quik for mac:

  1. Organizing, offloading, sharing videos and photos is easy
  2. Viewing and editing time-lapse photos is quiet powerful with this software
  3. The highlight tags helps to find the photos fast
  4. To make short clips the video trimming tool is powerful to use
  5. There are more options for advanced video editing.
  6. You can update the video editor for latest features.
  7. To make a stylish go-pro edit, you can use the templates by dragging and dropping.
  8. You can trim and mix music, titles in the video clips
  9. For fast-motion speed change and slow motion edit, the FluxTM enables the features.
  10. From the time-lapse photo arrangements, you can create videos
  11. To reduce the shots, you can use fisheye.

GoPro Editing Tips for Beginners – How to Edit GoPro Videos

  • Before going for editing, organize photos and videos to save time and make the editing smooth
  • For gopro video editing in the mac, gopro for mac is the best software to use.
  • Add the footages by clicking the +video button
  • Choose the output format like mp4 or H264
  • When you need to cut some part of your video, then use the cut option.
  • For trimming, double click the trim button and set the timing per your preference in the video
  • After importing all the video clips, merge the videos by clicking the merge button
  • You can also use the crop button if you need to crop some photos
  • You can add different filters to improve the quality
  • To adjust the audio and video settings, you can adjust the output settings.
  • After doing all the editing, choose the preferable output format while saving the video

How to install gopro quik for pc

Install Usng the bluestacks

Step 1: download and install the blustacks in your mac

Step 2: sign in to your google account

Step 3: go to the play store and look for the gopro quik

Step 4: download and install the software

Step 5: your pc is ready to edit the videos and photos.

Install Using Nox player

Step 1: Download and install the Nox player

Step 2: install the player and sign into the google account

Step 3: look for the gopro quik

Step 4: download and install the software

Step 5: start to edit your photos and videos

Downloading the software from the website

Step 1:  go to the website.

Step 2: look for the gopro quik for mac

Step 3: download and save the fiel

Step 4: run the file and install the software in your mac.


Can you get the GoPro app on a Mac?

Yes, you can get the gopro app for the mac by installing the gopro fusin studio app.

Is GoPro Quik any good?

The gopro software is the easiest and effective software to edit any types of photos and videos


To edit videos and photos professionally in your mac, you can use the gopro quik for mac easily. this vidieo editor for mac is the best one to use freely. You create amazing photos and videos with this software.

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