How Can I Make a Phone Call from My Laptop

Phone calls are meant to be from Phone to phone. However, if you require working from a PC, then it is quite sure that you have always wanted the option of making phone calls from the PC. That’s because you leaving your sit for receiving or making the calls will reduce your productivity. We have made our research to find out some apps that can allow you to make phone calls from laptops. Keep going through the article to be introduced to the apps.

How Can I Make a Phone Call from My Laptop

Best Apps to Make Phone Calls from Laptop

There is no direct way to make phone calls from laptops to phones. However, some software can let you do so. Keep going through the article to know about our chosen apps on this purpose:

Your Phone

Your Phone is a universal app from Microsoft that allows you to link your smartphone with Windows 10 computer. It lets you perform all the tasks that you can do from the PC. You receive phone calls, see the photos, read and send text messages, and many more things. You can completely mirror the device for flexible functionalities.

Setting up Your Phone app is also very easy. Check out the procedure of how to set up the app and link with your Phone:

  1. Open your phone app from the Windows 10 of your laptop. It should already be on your PC if you have recently updated it. Else, you can easily download it from the Windows store.
  2. Open the app from your PC and click on Android from the right and continue to the next page.
  3. Then enter your cellular number used in the Phone and click on send. This will send a download link to your phone software for your smartphone.
  4. Open the text message from your Android and click on the link. You will be redirected to Your Phone Companion app on the Play store. Download and install the app.
  5. Open the app after it is installed and then fill the required Microsoft office information to sign in.
  6. Click on continue on the next page if you let the app access your contacts, calls, files, SMS, and other data.
  7. Now click on allow the Android to connect with PC. You can start using the app within a while.

How to Call using the app

You can easily receive and make calls from your Phone on Windows using the app using the below steps:

  1. Open your phone app and click on calls from the left pane.
  2. Now you can either enter a number or search from the contacts to make calls.
  3. While receiving the calls, a dialog box will arrive where you can accept or decline the calls.


TextNow is a popular mobile and computer application that allows you to make and receive calls. You don’t require using your own number as the app will give you a dedicated US/Canadian number. Using the number, you can make phone calls on local and international numbers. Furthermore, you can send SMS, MMS, drawing, and many more things.

The TextNow app requires credits for making phone calls. However, you can receive calls free of cost. You can buy the credits from the app or earn the credits as a reward. TextNow is one of the most used applications nowadays for this purpose. It is obtainable for Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac computers.

Google Voice

Google develops Google Voice for free internet phone calls. You can make calls to an actual phone easily using the app. Besides, it allows you to call from PC to PC, PC to Phone, Phone to PC, and much more. It is actually more than a free calling app. It allows you to manage the phone number and route incoming calls from your Phone to the free number in the app.

The google voice app also allows you to make free SMS, free voicemail, and free conference calls. One issue about the app is it is only accessible for the United States or Canada citizens. Free calls to phones are limited for three hours. The app is available for Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web for computer devices.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another fantastic application that lets you easily make audio calls. Apart from audio calling, the app also supports video calling. You can use both of the services free of cost. The app basically uses the internet to talk with the people has the program installed on their computer or smartphone. You can also contact other peoples by sending a download link of the app on their phone number.


Skype is one of the oldest and successful calling applications which has been in service for a long time. It is mainly used by professionals for messaging, audio calls, and video calls. It even allows you to share the screen of your computer. You will be astonished to know that you can call on phones from the skype application. All you require to do is buy an amount of credit and dial the preferred number using the number pad. Usually, skype calls are cheaper than other apps.


We all know about Whatsapp. It is a popular texting application owned by Facebook and used by millions of people all over the world. The app has Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac versions. So, you can make free audio calls, messages, and even video chats using the app. Some additional services of Whatsapp include group chatting, data backup, status update, and much more.

One of the notable things about Whatsapp is your data is entirely safe in the platform with end-to-end encryption. However, one drawback of the app is you cannot directly call on phones that don’t have the program installed.


TextFree is an excellent online platform for free calling and messaging. It offers you a dedicated phone number to make free calls from app to app and app to phone. You can use an internet connection to talk from app to app. On the other hand, for the app to phone call, you will get some limited free minutes. You can use the free minutes to call on the phone numbers. More so, there are various ways to earn more free minutes as a reward.


The FreedomPop lets you make app to app and app to phone free calls like the TextFree app. Using the service, you can call0 on the telephone, landlines, and mobile numbers. However, you can only use the app for calling in the US states. You will receive 200 minutes of the free minute to talk with people over the Phone, which renews every month.

Below, we discussed some of the best apps that you can use to make phone calls from Laptop to Phones. At first, we will suggest you use the Your Phone app from Microsoft for the best experience. You can also try the other apps mentioned based on your preference.

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