How to create a free .edu email address for students

Having an Edu email is like a blessing for any internet user. There are a wide variety of benefits that you can enjoy by having an Edu mail. The Edu emails are provided to the university free of cost from the perspective university. They offer the email to the student to easily communicate with authorities, teachers, administrators, etc. The Edu email is also used to update the student about the notices, courses, tuition fees, and other related things.

There are plenty of benefits of having an Edu email. But you simply cannot open these accounts until you got yourself admitted to a University. However, there is an easy method that you can implement to open an Edu mail. Keep going through the write-up to know in detail.

How to create a free .edu email address for students

How to Create Edu Email (Step by Step Guideline)

Typically, you cannot open an Edu email if you are not a student. However, you can use our given tricks to create the Edu mail even if you are not a university student. Check out the steps that you need to follow:


Go to and solve the captcha to open the website. Then open the new user tab where you can sign in as a new user using any email address and other required information.


While filing the required information, you can use your actual name and email address. But the website doesn’t allow users outside the US. If you are not a native US citizen, then generate a US user profile using the US profile generators available online.


Fill the required information using the information you get from the profile generator. You should save the details as you may need it later. Now, submit the data, and you will be redirected to the next page.


You have successfully opened the account. Click on Apply now after login. Then you can select a college from the given list on the website and apply it to the college. After applying to the college, you will be asked different questions that you can answer randomly.

The required information will include your name, birthdate, Social security number, gender, etc. Enter this information from the profile you generated. Fill all the needed information and click on submit to move to the next page.


In the new webpage, you will be asked to enter high school information. Fill the box with I don’t have a high school/GED. Then fill the “Last date attended” with any first date three to four years ago. Enter 11th grade in the highest grade completed tab. Select the next two options as now.

In the last tab, fill the “I plan to start class” with any date. Submit the given information to move to the next page.


In the new page, you will be asked whether you have a server in the military or not. Fill the option with no. Save and continue to the next page. In the first option, select any for parent 1 and 2. After that, select “Native US” on your current status option. Then choose primary spoken language English and save the next option as “No.” Now submit the detail and move to the next page.


You are in the last part of the application now. Put your signature with your full name. Then you can see all the details you have confirmed. Now you will see a temporary username and password under the student information tab. Save the password and username and go to After login with the given information, you will get the Edu email.

Benefits of Edu Email

Check out some of the top benefits of the student mail addresses:

Namecheap Education Program

Do you know you can get a free TLD domain using the student Edu mail? Yes, you hear it right, the domain and hosting provider Namecheap offers you a free .me domain with an Edu mail. You can use the domain for any purpose like virtual CV, personal blog, or Vcard. Go to to obtain the domain at free of cost.

Github Student Pack

One of the significant benefits of the Edu email is the GitHub Student Developer Pack. It is one of the best free developer’s tools available till now specially made for the students. It includes around 12 services and offers that can be very useful for you.  The services include $15 Amazon AWS coupon, $5O Digital Ocean coupon, HackHands credit, Microsoft Azure cloud suit, Bitnami, Crowdflower, DNSimple, and much more.

Amazon Services

The world’s biggest E-Commerce giant also offers you some free services with and .edu mail. You can access the Amazon Prime Service for six months free of cost. It is a subscription to Amazon for quicker product delivery and other premium services. You can also stream unlimited TV shows, music, movies, etc. from Amazon Prime. The service also includes exclusive student deals and unlimited photo storage. 

Apple Services

Do you love Apple products? Then you can use the. Edu email to get some decent discount while purchasing an Apple device. You can get up to $200 on Apple Computers.


LastPass is a popular password management service that lets you store your password online by using encrypting technology. The premium versions of the LastPass arrive with various plugins, a web interface, and many more things. You can enjoy the LastPass services at free of cost for six months using the Edu mail.

Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft DreamSpark includes a variety of useful software, including Microsoft Office Services 365 and others. You can avail the full service at free of cost using an Edu mail.

Newegg Premier

Newegg premier is an alternative service of the famous Amazon Prime. It offers you free shipping at the quickest time and other benefits like 50 dollars per year. Furthermore, it provides you with a guaranteed three days delivery on all products. The usual price of the Newegg premier is around $50. However, you can get it for free of costs with the .edu mail.

If you are thinking about getting some decent discount on different products and services, you should open an Edu mail. Hopefully, you can quickly implement the above-given trick to open an Edu mail at free of cost.

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