Imaengine For PC/Windows – Best Free Photo Editing Application

Imaengine for PC is a great application that lets you turn your picture into a vectored cartoon. It is a fantastic application packed with a variety of features to offer you an excellent experience of cartooning your images. Usually, while doing the same thing on software like photoshop or illustrator, you will require a lot of time as well as skill. However, The Imaengine lets you do it within a moment with some clicks. You can do everything from one single application.

The Imaengine application is officially available for iOS smartphones on the apple store. However, there are no official versions of the app for PC and android phones. However, there are some ways to use the application on the PC. Below, we will let you know how to do it. Following our method, you can efficiently run the app on Android and PC.

Imaengine For PC

Functions of Imaengine for PC?

The Imaengine is one of the most popular applications available currently for vector images. It is also packed with a wide variety of features. Below, we will discuss some of the fantastic functions of the Imaengine application:

Colour Vectorization

As you already know, the primary function of the Imaengine application is to vectorization. That means you can turn your image into the vectored file for creating cartoon look-a-like edits. Usually, you will need a professional tool for doing so. But with the Imaengine application, now you can turn your image into a definite colour vector within a few seconds. As the application does the full procedure, you don’t need to do anything but wait a few seconds.

30 Editable Filters

One of the most impressive features of the application is it has a load of filters to apply to your photo. All the filters provide you with a wide variety of standard vectorization in different colors. Some of the popular filters include a crispy grayscale image, original pop-art drawing, fantastic polygonal shape, two-tone stencils, etc. Such a variety of filters let you choose the finest one that suits with your picture. As all the filters are editable, you can do further customization for enhancement.

Fast and Easy

The whole work is automatic in the Imaengine application. All you need to do is open the app, choose the photo that you want to edit, and then choose the format. Your final result will be ready within a few minutes. No further application provides you with such amazing results. As there is nothing to do manually, everything will be superfast and easy. 

Built-in Editor

The Imaengine application includes an online editor that also lets you make further customization. You can edit the brightness, saturation, white balance, colour balance, paths, etc. with your finger. If you are not happy with the result from the filters, then you can change the properties of your photo as you want for the most elegant result. The application also allows you to record videos with the rotoscoping effect.

Different Image Formats

Another of the impressive things about the Imaengine application is it allows you to save the photo in a wide variety of formats. The formats include JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG. If you want to view the photo directly from your gallery, then you can save it to JPG or PNG format. If you’re going to fine-tune the picture with adobe illustrator, then you may save it to the PDF or SVG formats. You can also use these formats for other applications that support these formats. 

Multiple Sharing Options

You can export the edited file to your phone storage. Apart from this, you can also share it with others using the included sharing options. The application allows you to upload the PDF or SVG file to dropbox directly from the app interface. More so, you can also send the file through emails from the application. You can also save the customized image presets to apply to the other photos. 

How To Use Imaengine for PC/ Android

As we previously said, there is no official version of the Imaengine for android and PC. However, there are ways to use it. Below, we will discuss how to use it on android.

There are multiple ways to use the Imaengine for android. The easiest way is to download the apk file on your phone and then install the application. The apk file of Imaengine is available at different apk sharing sites like apkpure, apkmirror, etc. You can also use it through When you open the link on your browser, you will notice ios like interface. You can download the application from the interface and then use it.

Imaengine for Windows, PC and Mac for free Download.

You will need an emulator to download Imaengine for Windows and other PC OSs. If you are using windows, then you may use the BlueStack emulator. Here is how to download Imaengine using BlueStack Emulator:

  1. At first, you will need to download the BlueStack emulator. You should download it from the official website of the application. The emulator is available at free of cost, and it is also one of the most used emulators of the current time. Install the app and open it.
  2. After launching the application, the first thing you will need to do is to create an account for the application. Else, you may be asked to log in on your google play account.
  3. Now you can use the Imaengine apk file on the BlueStack. You will need the apk file of the app. So, download the apk file on your PC and remember the location of the download.
  4. Now go to the folder where you saved the apk file. Right-click on the apk file and then click on “open with”. Select the BlueStack emulator. The application will be downloaded on BlueStack, and soon, you will be able to run it.

Imaengine Alternative Application

If you failed to download the Imaengine application on your device, then you may use its alternative. There is some excellent alternative available that also serve you same benefits. Such as the Skribl and Inkpad application. Both of the application has almost all the features of the Imaengine app. Some other alternatives of the application include Recolorer, Make Me Famous Photo Frames, Chromic, Handstact, Affinity Photo, Split Photo Collage Maker, etc.

Imaengine with iPadian emulator 

The iPadian is another great emulator that let you use different iOS application on your android devices. It can also turn the visual look of your device into an iPad. You can use the emulator to download the Imaengine app on your PC. 

FAQ’s on Imaengine

Here are some of the most asked questions about the Imaengine application.

1. How do I convert an image to SVG?

Usually, you will require an application like adobe illustrator to convert an image to SVG format. However, if you want to do it from the phone, then you can use the ImaEngine application. It lets you change the format of an image to SVG, along with PDF and PNG.

2. Is SVG a vector file?

Yes, SVG is a vector file. Basically, SVG is the original format of the vector file. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, which is an XML based vector image format.

3. Can I run the Imaengine on older iPhones?

The Older iPhone may not support the Imaengine application as it is built for the newer ones. As per the developer, the app is only for iPhone 5s and above phones. That means you cannot use the application on older apple phones like iPhone 4s, 4, etc.

There are only a few applications that let support image vectorization from phone devices. The Imaengine for PC is one of them. Hopefully, the above guideline will help you to run the application on your Android and PC devices without any issues. 

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