Limitations of Computers – Do Computers have limitations?

The computer is the most notable invention of modern technology. The revolutionary device has changed the lives of humans forever. It made the world faster, smoother, and more comfortable. A lot of sophisticated and advanced technical work has become possible and easier by the blessing of the computer. Though the computer is such a fantastic device, it has some limitations too.

In our today’s writing, we will let you know about some of the less-discussed limitations of computer

Limitations of Computers

Limitations of Computers

Computers include processors that process the task and instructions. It also defines how many instructions or actions the computer can perform within a given time. As a result, the computer user may require waiting for a long time while installing or running computationally expensive programs.  It happens when a computer doesn’t include enough processor power for this purpose. Computational limitations consume additional times for tasks that can be done within a short period.

Memory Limitations

Memory limitation is another big drawback of the nowadays computer. Here, with memory limitation, we mean the read and write time of memory, which can cause an interval when it comes to interactive performance. Memory limitation can be sorted out by adding additional memory units, but which is not always possible. Though we mentioned the delays arrive during writing and reading, it is more transparent during writing. 

Graphical Limitations

The graphical limitation is one of the most significant issues about current computer systems.  Most of the consumer-grade computer is still inefficient for rendering high graphics. That is because graphic rendering requires high resources. That is why designers and developers need to be careful while designing a program or game. They need to optimize the graphical properties of the program to ensure that low-end computer systems can run the program efficiently.

Computers cannot Make Decisions

The computer may perform some specific automation, but it is not capable of automating a whole work as it lacks decision-making skills. Decision making is a procedure that requires knowledge, information, judging, wisdom, and much more capabilities. As the computer doesn’t arrive with such properties, they are not capable of making decisions. The computer systems could be more efficient and flexible for broad works if they were capable of decision making.

No Self-Intelligence

Though the computer is used to perform highly complicated computation works, they don’t have any intelligence of their own. Computers are not capable of thinking and seeing to perform the task based on a situation. They can only work based on a situation if the case is already pre-program in its memory. Every simple task in a computer system needs to be programmed to do it efficiently as the computer doesn’t have any self-intelligence.

No Emotion

The computer system doesn’t have any feelings or emotions, which also a remarkable limitation of the computer. Emotion is connected with knowledge, intelligence, and other related properties. As computers don’t include such features, they have no feeling. However, though “no emotion” is a limitation of the computer, it offers us significant advantages. Such as the computer never gets tired while working. More so, we can use it on highly risky works that a human being simply cannot perform.

Cannot Learn on Self

Another thing about the computer is they cannot learn from their own. While completing a task, we need to give some instructions to memory, which is saved there. A computer works based on the given instructions. Even the computer cannot read the direction without the input of the user. The computer may solve complex algorithms and problems, but it cannot learn from the problem.

Lack of Commonsense

The computer doesn’t include any common sense properties. It doesn’t matter how fast, reliable, and efficient a computer program is; it cannot show common sense. That is because there are no 100% efficient algorithms to program the instructions in a computer. If computers have common sense, then we could have used it for more groups of tasks.

Though the computer is a smart device, the limitation is holding us back from using it more broadly on the day to day works. However, scientists are working restlessly to make the computer smarter than ever. The development of Artificial Intelligence may help to make the computer system more accurate, flexible, and decrease the limitations along with automating works that require intelligence and uses of senses.


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