Orbot VPN for windows – How to Download and Install on Windows

Every day, every minute, every second, the use of the internet is increasing. Though the providers try their best to secure the user’s information, sometimes the information gets leaked. When you browse and visit different websites, the third party may get your details, a location easily. To avoid such trespassing, we have to use a free VPN for windows to stay and browse secured. Among all the VPN, orbot VPN is recommended. This VPN is used widely in the tor browser, and it is working for years to keep your information safe while you are visiting different websites. This VPN app is developed for android devices, but you can go for orbot VPN for windows if you use some tricky methods. Stick with me in this article and know the methods of orbot VPN download.

Orbot VPN for windows

Why use Orbot VPN

  • Your identity will stay protected if you use the orbot VPN while browsing. The TOR browser lets you use the VPN freely without any trace. There are some important features of this VPN:
  • With this VPN app, you can get access to any monitored and blocked website which stays hidden for normal users.
  • You can chat anonymously with a different person by taking help from this VPN. You will stay at untraced.
  • If you use this app, your other apps will stay safe from unwanted surveillance. The apps will remain private.
  • When you install the app in your pc, your whole desktop programs will stay protected from tracking, and the app will handle your privacy totally.
  • You can stay active in social communities by keeping your identity confidential.

Download orbot vpn Lite for PC

Name Orbot vpn
App developer Tor project
App Updated December 15, 2019
APK Version 16.1.2-RC-2-tor-
APK File Size 10.4 MB

How To Install orbot VPN for PC Windows & Mac?

If you want to download orbot VPN for pc and mac, you have to use an android emulator must. Among hundreds of emulators, few popular emulators make the download safe and simple. Follow the preferred method and install this wonderful VPN:

Install orbot using bluestacks

Step 1: Install and download the bluestacks in your pc

Step 2: Launch the bluestacks in your pc

Step 3: sign in your google account.

Step 4: search for orbot VPN

Step 5: Download and install the app

Step 6: run the VPN in your pc

Install orbit VPN by using Nox player

Step 1: Install and download the bluestacks in your pc

Step 2: login in your google account

Step 3: search for the orbot VPN

Step 4: Download and install the VPN in your pc

Step 5: now, you can use the VPN in your mac.

Install orbot VPN by using Ko player

Step 1: install the Ko player

Step 2: Open the player and sign in your google account

Step 3: search for orbot VPN in the play store

Step 4: Download and install the VPN


Is orbot a VPN?

Ans: the orbot app is united with the TOR browser and works as a VPN.

Is it safe to use orbot?

Ans:  Yes, it is the safest way to use the internet.

Does orbot hide IP address?

Ans: yes, orbot hides your IP address while you are browsing


While using today’s internet, using a VPN is essential to stay secured from online hackers. You will not believe how your personal information gets used in different illegal activities by criminal hackers. Though orbot VPN is developed for mobile devices, you can use the VPN by getting the orbot VPN for windows. You will stay secured and safe in your online world by using this VPN.

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