Plus Messenger for PC/ – Download for your Computer/Mac and Windows7/8/10

The internet has made it easy for all to connect with friends and family within no time. As an example, there are a number of apps available for text messaging. The plus messenger for PC is one of those. What makes the app unique from the other messenger is it’s quality and well-optimized features. The app has been developed by one of the well-known app development company Rafalense. They have added a lot of features which will make chatting with your friends and family much enjoyable.

The Plus Messenger is developed for the smartphone, which operates on Android and iOS operating systems. The developer didn’t yet release any official version of the app for the computer. However, there is a simple way to use the application on your PC. Today, we will let you know how to do this. Keep reading this article to find out how to run the plus messenger on PC.

Plus Messenger for PC

Features of Plus Messenger for Computer/Laptop

The Plus Messenger is basically a modified version of the telegram messenger. Though a mod version, the developer has added a lot of extra features and brings changes in the customization of the application. As a result, it becomes much quicker and comfortable to use for the end-users. Below, we will let you know some of the top features of the Plus Messenger:

Instant Messaging

You may say there are a load of apps available for instant chat or messaging, why should you choose the Plus Messenger. Well, let me break it for you. The Plus messenger arrives with the standard API of world-famous Telegram messenger. As a result, it enables you to type the message and send it instantly to your friends. It supports multiple tabs at the same time. That means you can contact various people. You can also customize the tabs as you want for better user experience.

Video and Audio Calling

The Plus Messenger also lets you perform audio and video calls with your friends and family. The app is highly optimized to offer you a decent performance while doing so. As per our research, we didn’t notice any call drops while calling through the messenger. Moreover, while checking the video calling feature, we also found it very intuitive and lag-free. Though most of the messenger currently comes with those features, not all of them offer you a decent performance. With the Plus Messenger, it is guaranteed that you will get top-notch performance.

Different Chat Sorting Methods

One of the unique feature of the Plus Messengerit lets you customize the search sorting method. Usually, most of the messenger arrives with a default searching method. The default method keeps the last messages on first. But with the Plus Messenger, you can change the settings for easier and quicker access to the priority chats.

Group Chat

The Plus Messenger also supports customizable group chat. That means if you want to chat with a group of people like friends, family members, workmates, then the app can be a great choice for you. The group chats feature of the application lets you share things with the group members. It also lets you make video and audio conversations with the group members. 

Multiple Language Support

One of the most intuitive things about the Plus Messenger is it supports more than 20 languages. Usually, most of the messengers only support the English language. But the Plus Messenger can let you use it in your mother tongue if you are in the lucky 20. The language includes all the top and popular languages of the current time, including Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, etc.

 Customizable Interface

Customizing the default interface of an application is quite impossible for most of the app. However, thanks to the Plus Messenger, it lets you customize the interface. That means you can change the default look of the app. You can change the default plus messenger themes, add or remove items from the interface, etc. You will not find another amazing customizable app like this.

The app also has day and night mode to offer you the best experience during different times. You can easily switch between modes with a single click from the navigation bar.


As the Plus Messenger arrives with the API of the Telegram messenger, there is no confusion about the safety of the application. Telegram is known all over the world for its extensive security and preventive measures. They use encryption and blockchain technology to ensure the safety of your data. While using the Plus Messenger, there will be no possibility of getting exposed to the third party.

Here are some other quality features of the application:

  • Edit forwarded the message without the quotes.
  • Multiple stickers and emojis. Also, let you use the phone emojis.
  • Let you read, unread, archive all chats at a time.
  • Let you set the picture quality before uploading.
  • A quick switch of the chats with the quick bar.
  • More than ten different checks and bubble designs.
  • Let you show the phone number instead of the username.
  • Let you show or hide options from the navigation menu.
Plus Messenger for PC

Download and Install Plus Messenger for PC

As we previously told you, there is no official version of Plus Messenger for windows. However, you can use an emulator to run the application on your PC. There are some apps available on the internet with the name of the Plus Messenger, but they are not real. They are developed for scamming and infecting your PC with viruses. So, avoid using such apps.

The emulator is PC software that creates a virtual environment on your computer to run apps of another operating system. As an example, you can use the BlueStack emulator. It creates a virtual android environment on your PC to run android games and apps.  We will discuss later how to download the Plus Messenger on your PC using Bluestack.

Download Plus Messenger for Windows Using the Android App Player

Android APP player is an emulator that lets you run Android programs on your PC. It is available for both Windows and Mac separately. Basically, it creates a virtual Android tablet on your PC to run any program. Here is how you will use it.

  1. At first, download the Nox Android App Player on your PC from the official website.
  2. Install and open the app on your PC.
  3. Now an android tablet lookalike interface will occur.
  4. There will be a google play searching option on the interface.
  5. Search for Plus Messenger and install it.  
  6. Once the installation is done, you can use the Plus Messenger. 

How to Play Plus Messenger for PC, Laptop, Windows

You can use the Bluestack emulator to run the plus messenger for the laptop which is windows based using the below procedure:

  1. Download and install the Bluestack emulator on your PC from its official website.
  2. Open the app and log in to your google play account.
  3. Now search for Plus Messenger from the interface.
  4. Download and install the Plus Messenger.
  5. Once the installation is completed, you can run the Plus Messenger.

Plus Messenger is one of the best interactive messengers of the current time. Hopefully, the above-discussed method will help you to download the Plus Messenger for PC without any ease.

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