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In this era of video and visual entertainment, some people still prefer podcasts. The podcast is a great way to know about a specific thing apart from entertainment. If you love to hear podcasts regularly, then the podcast assist can be an excellent application for you. The Podcast Addict for PC is one of the most-used apps for listening to the podcast. It lets you hear and manage podcasts from various sources over the internet.

If you are willing to download the podcast addict on your PC, then you may not do it directly. That is because the application is only available for android and iOS operated smartphones. There is no official version of the app available for PC. However, some techniques may help you to download the application on your PC.

Below, we will let you know about some of such methods.

Podcast Addict For PC

What is Podcast Addict?

Before knowing about the Podcast Addict, let us acknowledge you about what the podcast is. The podcast is usually an audio file that is made available on the internet for downloading or streaming. However, nowadays, what we mean with the podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files that are on a specific topic.

The Podcast addict is the most popular podcast-related application in google play currently. It let you manage podcast from different producers over the internet. On the other hand, you can also manage and listen to the radio, audiobook, youtube, twitch, live stream, SoundCloud channels, and RSS news feed from this application.

You will be amazed to know that the Podcast Addict is currently downloaded for nine million-plus times. More than 2 billion episodes were downloaded through the application. There is no podcast-related app that has such high exposure like this. It is also one of the top-rated apps for podcasts currently.

Podcast Addict for PC Features:

The Podcast Addict application has a wide variety of features to offer you a smooth podcast listening and management application. Below we will let you know about some of the top features about the podcast addict application:

Multiple Podcast Source

The podcast addict lets you listen to the audio podcast from thousands of sources. According to the developer, the app has more than 750 thousands of podcasts with more than ten million episodes. The podcasts are divided into different categories so that you can explore new podcasts that may suit your interest. More so, you can also browse the popular podcast of a specific group.

The podcast addict app will recommend podcasts according to the one you listened to. That means you can quickly know about different podcasts that suit your interests.

Playback/Audio Effects

One of the most impressive features of the podcast addict app is it has a playback or audio effect feature. The feature lets you put different effects on the podcast as you want. Doing so, you can maximize your entertainment while listening to the podcast. With the built-in audio effects, you can easily change the playback speed, volume boost, skip the silence, mono playback, and do many more things. You can also perform other tasks while listening to the podcast. 

The podcast addict can also work as a standalone player such as MP3, Audiobook, Local files, and streaming apps. It also supports multiple playlists so that you can efficiently organize the podcast. It has variable playback speed for a video podcast (this feature is available for only android six and ups). Some of the advanced audio effects include shuffle mode, loop mode, sleep timer, Chromecast, SONOS support, and much more.

Multiple Networks

The podcast addict supports a wide variety of podcast networks to maximize your podcast listening experience. As an example, the English podcast networks include BBC, CBS RADIO, CNN, ESPN, NASA, MSBNC, NPR, TWIT, WSK, TAL, Gimlet, Netflix, Ted Talks, etc. It has the Chinese HK reporter network for those who speak the Mandarin language. It also has France’s Jazz radio, Radio France, Virgin Radio, Radio Campus, and German’s DW, DRadio Wissen, ORF, SRF, WDR, etc.

Such a wide range of podcast networks, as well as radio networks, means you will not be out of the new podcast.


While using the podcast addict app, you can automate different works. Such as, you can set the download and deletion period of an episode. While a new episode of your favorite podcast arrives, it will be automatically downloaded on your device and ready for listening. Besides, you can set a specific time to delete a previously downloaded episode to make storage space for the new episodes. Moreover, you can also use and control the application through intents with third-party applications. It also one of the best podcast managers for windows and MAC OS.


The podcast addict also supports backup. You can backup or restore the subscription of your favorite podcast. The backup will be saved as an OPML file. The file is compatible with the other podcast apps so that you can enjoy them with flexibility. 

Live Stream Radio

The podcast addict more than 150 thousand radio from various parts of the world. That means you can listen to any radio from the application without any charge. More so, you can also live stream different audio conferences, publications, etc. with the live streaming feature of the app. 

How to download Podcasts Addict for computer

Most of the podcast services don’t allow you to download the audio. However, you can use a podcast application to download the podcast to your computer. Below, we will let you know how to download a podcast on your computer with the podcast addict app:

  1. At first, download the podcast addict app on your PC.
  2. Open the application you downloaded. If required, create or sign up for an account in the app.
  3. Then search for your favourite podcast that you want from the app interface.
  4. Now when you open the podcast tab, there should be a download option.
  5. Download the podcast by choosing the location for the podcast. Sometimes, you will need to provide accessibility to your hard drive for saving the podcast. 

Download and Install podcast addict apk for Windows and Mac or OS

As we previously said, the podcast addict application has no official version for PC Operating systems such as windows and MAC. However, there are ways of using it on the PC. You can use an emulator to run the app on your PC. The emulator creates a virtual android or iOS smartphone device resembling the environment on your PC and allows you to run any supporting smartphone application. Here is how you will use the BlueStack emulator to run the podcast addict apk on your PC:

  1. At first, download the Bluestack emulator from its official site. It is available for both Windows and MAC-based PCs. 
  2. Open the Bluestack and register a new account. You may also sign in using your google play store data. 
  3. Now download the Podcast addict apk on your PC. Open the location where the file is saved.
  4. Then left-click on the file with your mouse and select “open with.” Choose Bluestack from there.
  5. The emulator will convert the file to run on your PC. When the installation is completed, you can open and starts enjoying your favourite podcasts.

The podcast is not only a source of entertainment, but it is also a great way of education. You can learn about different industries and subjects. Especially if you are related to any industry, the podcast can help you to acknowledge up to date trends about it. Moreover, you can listen to podcasts while working. That means your times don’t go in vain while hearing a podcast. Hopefully, the above information and guideline will assist you in running the Podcast Assist application on your PC.

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