Storm Radar for PC – Download Top Rated Weather Apps

The storm radar for pc can help you to know about the weather and forecast you about the upcoming natural disasters. In the century of ultra-technology, natural disasters are happening much more than even due to the harm we are causing Mother Nature. An app like the storm rider can be helpful for you to know about upcoming calamities with a few clicks on your smart devices. 

The Storm Rider app is only available for android and iOS smartphones. There is no official version of the application yet for the PC based operating systems like Windows and Mac. However, you can run the Android version of the app on your PC by implementing a simple method. Keep reading this article know about the trick.

Features of Storm Radar for PC

The storm radar is an application with NOAA forecast system that can let you know about weather including severe weather alert and information about rain. It can let you know about the severe weather eight hours past along with the live wind speed, NOAA radar, and tornado alert. The weather app uses cutting edge weather doppler radar technology for accurate weather information

You can modify the HD weather map with GPS localization in real-time. More so, it can let you know about hourly tornado update, hurricane update, floods, lightning, etc. and other. The built-in hurricane tracker can help you to track down the upcoming hurricane. By giving a look to the tracker, you can quickly know the expected time of hurricane hitting your location.

Key Features of Storm Radar

  • Real-time weather update, including wind speed, flood, storm, etc.
  • Built-in hurricane tracker to be informed about hurricane calamity.
  • Rain and flood tracker with local temperature.
  • HD weather map; customizable with GPS localization.
  • Future weather update about temperature and weather risks.
  • Real-time tornado update and live alerts to stay safe.

Download Storm Radar on Your PC, Desktop

The Storm Radar is only available for smartphone operating systems, including iOS and Android. There is no official release of the Storm Radar for Mac and Windows operating system yet. As a result, you simply can’t use Storm Radar on your pc. However, you can use it on your PC using the android emulator.

The emulator is a program that can produce a virtual environment on your computer to let you download and install any android app. Keep reading the next paragraph to know how to download the Storm Radar App using Bluestack android emulator on your Mac and Windows operated PCs:

Use BlueStack to Run Storm Radar on Your PC

There are broad ranges of emulators available on the internet currently. But not all of them are capable of offer you a decent performance like the Bluestack. The Bluestack is the most used emulators now as it offers fast and reliable performance. Another impressive thing about the emulator is it is available at free of cost. Check out the procedure of downloading Bluestack and use it to run the Storm Radar app on your PC:

  1. At first, browse the official website of the BlueStack emulator and move to the Download page. There you will found the separate version of the emulator for windows and MAC operating system. Download the right version for your OS.
  2. Complete the installation after downloading. Then open the emulator.
  3. You will require to login to your google play ID to use the emulator. Log in using the previous account or register a new account to access google play store from the Bluestack.
  4. Now open google play store from the interface of the emulator and search for “Storm Radar”.
  5. Install the Storm Radar, and it will be ready for launch.

You can also follow the same procedure to download the Storm Radar app on your Mac operated PC. Just make sure that you are installing the Mac version of the Storm Radar from the Bluestack emulator download page.

The Storm Radar for PC is one of the most precise apps for knowing about weather update currently. It is a must-have app for every device to know about future weather and disasters. Hopefully, the above guide will help you to download the Storm Radar on your PC easily.

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