V380 Pro for PC, Windows, and Mac – Free Download

V380 Pro for PC is one of the best applications available on the internet to manage your IP cameras. If you have multiple IP cameras in the house, then it can be a hassle to manage them separately. The V380 can help you to manage the IP cameras from the single interface. It allows you to check, manage AND Livestream and control the camera as required.

The V380 Pro app is not available for pc. There is V380 Pro for android and iOS, but there is no official version of the application for windows or mac. However, today we will show you how to use the app on your PC.

V380 Pro for PC

What are the features of v380 Pro for PC?

V380 Pro is a fantastic application that includes a lot of features to make your life easier. Especially if you need to live away from your property, it can be significantly beneficial for you. It let you live stream the video from the IP camera of your home using Wi-Fi. As a result, you can be easily known what is going on when you are not home. It can also connect the cloud-based cameras too. 

One of the impressive features of the application is the talkback feature. That means you can make an announcement using the IP camera and the app. It also has real-time tracking and shooting alarm. It will let you know through the alarm in case of such emergencies. More so, it can also detect motion and automatically capture the video. The video will be saved in the cloud, and you can check it anytime you want.

Another exciting thing about the application is it encrypts the saved data. It means the saved video and screenshot will be fully protected, and no one except you can access them. Though the application arrives with such amazing features, the app is completely available at free of cost.

Download V380 Pro for PC, Mac, Windows for free

As we said previously, there is no official version of the V380 Pro for windows. However, you can use the app on your PC using the Bluestack emulator. The emulator will create a virtual environment that will let you run any android application on your PC. You can also run V380 Pro for Mac using the emulator. Below, we will let you know how to run the app on windows and mac operating systems using the BlueStack emulator.

How to download

  1. At first, go to the official website of the Bluestack emulator. It has a separate version for windows and mac. You will need to download the suitable version for your operating system.
  2. Then install the application and open it. You will require a login to your google play store account.
  3. After login, you can access to play store. Search for V380 Pro in the play store and download it.
  4. Open the app, and it will be ready to use.

Highlighted Features Offered by v380 Pro

Here are some other amazing features of the v380 Pro:

  • Livestream videos from multiple IP cameras.
  • Motion detector to detect anything suspicious.
  • Save videos and screenshot as encrypted on the cloud.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Talkback feature lets you announce using the camera.
  • Save videos and screenshot of suspicious activities.

There are a lot of applications available nowadays that let you check your IP cameras. But not all of them are available at free of cost, and also they don’t offer such amazing features like V380 Pro for PC. Hopefully, the above guideline will help you to download the V380 pro app on your pc easily.

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