How To Download Xmeye for Mac (Windows 7,8,10,Mac)

The Xmeye for Mac is one of the best applications available out there to control the security camera of your home or properties. The CCTV cameras are one of the essential parts of every home or property. It helps to ensure security while you are away. There are a lot of applications for this purpose, but the Xmeye application allows you the best functionalities. 

The Xmeye app is currently only available for Android devices. There is no official release of the program available for the Mac or other computer operating systems. However, you can use the program on your Mac computer using a simple procedure. Keep going through the article to know how to download the software for Mac devices.

Xmeye for Mac

Xmeye For Mac – Monitor Your Security Cameras Easily

The Xmeye app lets you easily control and manage security cameras. You don’t require sitting in front of a DVD to watch the cameras. Using the application, you can easily check the camera from your smartphone or Mac computer. You can check the live stream of all the cameras easily. Moreover, you can capture the videos and check the live feed from the camera to watch later. There is also cloud login support in the app for easier and secure login.

The app also supports bidirectional talk support if supported by the camera. You can also capture a screenshot from the camera to save and check later. There is a PTZ control for checking the camera views in detail. You can add multiple remote devices and easily control all of the devices in a row. As the app support, auto-update, you can enjoy a smooth performance from it. You can also add the cameras easily using QR codes and serial number scanner.        

How Can You Use the Xmeye on Mac?

As we said earlier, the Xmeye app has been made for the mobile platform currently. But using a simple technique, you can run it on your computer too. For this activity, you just need to install an emulator program on your computer. The emulator is computer software, which is available both for Mac and Windows. It creates a virtual android device on your Mac to allow you to run any desired android program.

There are many android emulators available for Mac devices. We will use the Bluestack emulator for running the app on your Mac computer. It is one of the well-developed programs with all the latest features. It allows you to run the android programs without any hassle easily. The emulator program is also available at free of cost. 

Download Xmeye app with Bluestack

Here is the procedure for installing the Xmeye app with the BlueStack emulator.

  1. Get the Bluestack emulator from the official website of the emulator then save it on your computer. There are distinct versions of the emulator, and you will need to pick the correct version for the Mac computers.
  2. When the download is completed, install the emulator by following the procedure.
  3. Now run the emulator. You will see an android lookalike interface inside it.
  4. Now open Play Store from the emulator.  You will need to login to the Gmail account to access the play store.
  5. After opening the emulator, use the search bar of the Play store to search for the Xmeye app.
  6. Install the Xmeye app from the search result.
  7. The desired program will be ready to run on your computer within a while.

How to Setup the Xmeye for Mac?

Setting up the Xmeye application is extremely easier. All you require to do is open the app and then connect with the cameras. You can connect using QR code or the serial numbers. Once connected, you will start receiving the real-time views from the camera.

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