Zsight for Mac – Free Download and Install For Mac

Nowadays, Livestream video is a popular media to enjoy. For this, you will need a supportive and reliable app to use. Zsight app is the one that will allow you to enjoy live stream videos from anywhere you want. You can use your web cameras if you have this app installed. Usually, this app works for Android and iOS devices, but you can set up the zsight for mac by following some tricky techniques. If you use this app through your pc, then you will enjoy the video through a big screen, and the feeling is wonderful.

Zsight for Mac

Features of zsight app

  • It allows numerous users to enjoy live streaming.
  • You can record the live video in high quality to enjoy the show later. You can also take snapshots of the parts you like as an image that you can share in the social media later.
  • This app is fully dependent on the Wi-Fi. So you have to ensure smooth Wi-Fi service if you want to use this app. This app allows configuring the Wi-Fi settings to ensure the smooth run.
  • You can easily play the saved videos in this app, not only the recorded one but also your other saved videos.
  • This app allows live chat and conversation as it has a two-way audio capability feature.
  • Once you set the Wi-Fi configuration, it will run automatically. You will not need to put the password every time.
  • You can add different devices in this app by scanning the QR code.

How to install the zsight app for your computer:

To install this app in your pc, you have to use android emulators. There are types of emulators, among them, bluestacks and memu player is the popular and secured ones.

Install Using bluestacks:

Step 1: Download and install the bluestacks in your pc.

Step 2: After the installation, log in to your google account

Step 3: look for the zsight app in the google play store

Step 4: Download and install the app

Step 5: the app is ready to record and show live streaming video

Install Using Memu player:

Step 1: Download and install the Memu app player in your Mac

Step 2: After the installation, log in to your google account

Step 3: look for the zsight app in the player’s search box

Step 4: Download and install the app in your mac

Step 5: the app is ready to run

How to use the zsight app after installing in your pc

  • Launch the device list of this app
  • Add devices per your requirement. You can add manually or use the auto-add option to add devices automatically
  • You can delete the devices whenever you want
  • The app is ready to show live video streaming.


Zsight app is one kind of surveillance camera that controls your webcam, IP camera, video recorder, etc. it is a wonderful and useful app to use. To get more of the app. Use the zsight for mac; you will not regret the use. Install the app, and enjoy any type of video you want.

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